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Traffak Gets You Targeted Traffic

Traffak is a free traffic exchange service that was created to help anyone get website traffic completely free and not just free website traffic, but targeted traffic that will help boost your website to the top.

We ensure you have full control when it comes to choosing the websites you visit and allow for you to skip any websites that you're not interested in.

How it works

For every site that you visit, you will receive Credits which can be used to get free website traffic back to your own websites.

We provide full control over the amount of Credits you offer per visit to allow for more control over the amount of free website traffic you receive.

There is no limit to the amount of free traffic you can receive each day and the same goes for viewing websites and earning Credits yourself!

100% free to register
100% free to use
100% manual surfing
No limit to how many visits your websites receive
No limit to how many websites you add
No limit for credits
Set minimum visit times for your websites
Geo targeted visits (Coming soon!)
Wide variety of categories
300 free Credits signup bonus
50 free Credits claimable every day
Affiliate program - Earn from 200 Credits per signup
Affiliate contests - 2,500 Credits + 30 Days Premium Prize

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